Our 6  New Year Resolutions

Every beginning is essential. It’s a blank canvas, and what’s most compelling is how you decide to fill it up. To us New Year’s resolutions are important. Why? Because they indicate a sense of reflection and drive, the two most important characteristics for change. They allow us to center our thoughts and project the outcome of our actions. Looking forward into this new spectacular year full of opportunities, we decided to create a guide of resolutions for all of us at Constant Conversations, which we want to share with you, not to just become better designers, but better people.

1. Less you and more good

Enough with the selfies, and the hotdog legs on the beach. We’re not saying don’t share them occasionally, because it’s nice to share where we are, but this year focus on taking the spotlight off yourself a bit, and shed it on things that matter. The most powerful aspect of social media is the people we can reach with it. So why not use our scope of exposure to share inspirational stories such as Brandon Stanton did with Humans of New York, or doing your part and making Upworthy causes viral. We hope to start associating ourselves with causes and projects that compel us to grow and establish our faith back in humanity. Join us in spending less time on Facebook and more on GOOD, a social media place for great things happening around the world. Follow us and we’ll follow you back! Federico, Catarina, Santiago, Medini.

2. More Reading

When was the last time you read a book? Did you finish it? Let’s change that! If you do already then keep it going! We seem to have lost the value in reading a great book, an interesting theory, or simply revisiting history. This year we are committed to share our favorite books we think everyone should read and would enjoy. Do you have a suggestion? Write to us and we’ll maybe even let you review it on our Books for Designers. Apart from the memory increase, improved focus, concentration, stress reduction and incredible gain in knowledge, if you want to succeed you need to keep up with what’s happening in the world, not just your life. Get started by reading one of Bill Gates suggestions (if we don’t inspire you maybe he can) 7 Books Bill Gates thinks you should read.

3. More Surprises

We really REALLY love surprises. Even if it’s a flower, a Hershey’s kiss, or just a hug. Not every action that you do has to put you ahead of the game, in turn the more you give the more you’ll get. So give more hugs, more smiles, and we promise you will be a happier person. Our commitment to you is to share things worth your time, and be able to motivate you to follow your passions with creativity and curiosity. So let’s make this year have a few more unexpected moments. Leave a new water bottle on someone’s bike, ask people about their day or simply say thank you to someone you haven’t yet.

4. Make Something. For yourself or someone else.

For designers, this is a natural state, but for everyone else, this might be an activity you should dust off. This year take a hold of your creative side and commit to making something, a piece of furniture, a painting, or a DIY project! Pick something you can do, and really stick to it. Making things is the most beautiful form of expression, and manifestation so why not voice your creative side! The beauty for us is that when we make things, we create such a strong connection to them, and if you give it as a gift all the better! Make your creations memorable ones, and share them!

5. Less electronics

Yes sure, Vines are incredible before bed, and Instagram likes boost the ego, but sometimes we push the limit. Do you often feel anxious? What about paranoid? Put your phone down for the whole day and feel the difference. The truth is there’s so much out in the world waiting to be discovered, apart from that black screen you’re staring at for 8+ hours. This year we look forward to more walking, exercising, and eating out with no interruptions. Let’s strengthen our connections with life around us. If you need help get started with taking small breaks, and slowly build up from them. It might sound dumb, but we believe our bodies and our minds will thank us.

6. Do More

Most times we question what we do a bit too much, we give ourselves a hard time and end up regretting not having taken that chance. This year we hope to explore the realms of true expression. Let’s all act a bit more intuitively and see what comes out of it. It’s a new year, and if you want to change start by doing something different. Make the effort and commit, whether it is to travel to a new place, or learn to cook a new dish!

We can’t wait for what this year will bring, and we are not entirely sure how it will turn out but change is natural, healthy and we are embracing it. Make it a year to remember, to learn new things, and to make memories. Here’s to a year full of reflection, growth and curiosity.  2014, Make it yours.